Friday, January 30, 2009

Art Class

Today I pulled out the valentines candy necklace set I had bought at Walmart. It was great fun for all of them. After they complained a little bit about how hard it was to put the candy beads on the string they finally stoped and got the hang of it.
Here Lorelai is showing us how to eat the candy off the string.

Neleh was very frustrated. Everytime she would go to put one on another would fall off.

Garrett was really good at it. He loved it and it was good for his hand/eye cordination. As for all of them. He got all the beads on the string and then he picked it up to show me and they all fell off.

Alyssa was so excited! CANDY!!!!!!

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Chrys said...

My kids are getting so big!!!! Lorelai looks just like Neleh did. I can't believe how they have grown!