Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ok, so I am changing again! LOL!

I loved the idea of using the prarie primer that I was originally going to do, but since the seller never sent it to me I was going to just write my own. I would say it is going all right, but I would really feel more comfortable having something written out for me the first year. I looked at almost everything out there. I really loved the idea of sonlight. Yet, it is VERY expensive. After tons of research i determined 90% of the books are available at my local libraries. This cut the price from almost $1000 to about $300 for new stuff. I have been searching for used IG's and the other books and I think I have finally found someone with exactly what I need. YAH!!!!! So Alyssa will be using Sonlight 1+2 except for math and handwriting. We will continue using starwrite and Math Mamouth.

As for Neleh and Garrett! Well, I came across FIAR at my library yesterday and grabed it up. I even began writing up the lesson plans for it last night. I will still be using Starwrite for some handwritting practice. I will also be incorparationg Math through play and math mamouth for Neleh.

I fianally feel like I am getting somewhere with all of this!

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