Thursday, December 11, 2008

Healthier Ever After!

Well today was field trip day! We originally were going to a old moravian settlement to look at Christmas symbols and traditions. The Lord decided we needed to do something else...He sent rain!

The kids were kinda hesitent to go out in the rain. There were already tons of puddles in our drivway and yard. Yet, they quickly put on their coats and we ran out the door. They had no idea where they were going, but were glad to be getting out of our normal routine.

When we got to the Children's Musuem they were so full of energy we were glad to not be spending the day locked up in our house. Since Josh and I were educaters we recieved more than half off the admission price. Since we were going to be studying the food pyramid and healthier living we went to the Healthier Ever After exhibit.

It was alot of fun and the kids enjoyed learning all about the food groups. They especially liked the climbing wall with the slide. It showed how we can do exercise, but still have fun.

After they had their hands on lesson they went to the other exhibits: krispy kreme donut factory, food lion grocery store, fantasy land, and the build it station. We also stoped in and took a angel bear yoga class.

the kids are excited about our next trip. Real Life Candyland!!

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BlessedTimes5 said...

wow! what a wonderful day! I wish we had a children's museum near us! Maybe when we next move! I am glad you found something to fit your lessons indoors!

Love you!