Friday, December 12, 2008

Lowes Hardware!

We started off our day by learning about Holly and Poinsettas. The kids were amazed that the Holly leaves represented the crown of thorns and the berries the blood Jesus shed on the cross. They instantly wanted to know what they looked like. With nothing more important to do (what would be more important? LOL!), we jumped in the van and headed to Lowes Hardware. The kids were super excited when we arrived.

I am still learning this blog thing so my pics are not in order

This one Neleh found and was fascinated with its teeth. In case you can not tell, it is a venus fly trap. We talked about how this plant eats insects. That is how it gets its nutrients instead of from the soil like other plants. She has decided she wants one for her birthday. LOL!!!

This is the holly and berries the kids wanted to see. We were not sure we were going to find it. We had to search the whole store and then finally asked someone before we found it. When we began to look at the different ones Alyssa made an observation that holly with pointy leaves have berries, but ones without pointy leaves did not have berries. She has decided she wants to research that.
This is a Christmas Cactus. Not a plant we have been studying, but the kids liked it.

Here is the poinsetta. We found many different ones of these. This was our favorite. We also found lighter red, yellow and painted ones in blue, gold and purple.

Here is a wreath. We talked about these last week when we were learning about the advent.

This is one type of Garland we saw. It was the kids favorite, but Alyssa went around and read us all the different kinds.

Last but not least is the little tree. We found all sizes. We liked this one because it was able to be planted in our yard.

After we looked at all the amazing Christmas plants we headed to Taco Bell. I gave each of the girls $3 and they had to determine what they could get with that. They could not go over. They both did very well.


BlessedTimes5 said...

Wow Melissa!!! YOU ARE A NATURAL HOMESCHOOLER!!!! I always thought you would be!

It sounds like such a fun trip...and too funny it was only to a Lowes store! Just shows anything can be a field trip!

blessedmomof4 said...

Thanks! It was really a blast!!!

jamie {rose cottage} said...

What a fun and spontaneous field trip! I love it!