Monday, December 15, 2008

The Nutcracker

Alyssa was taking Dance as her art elective when she was at First Christian Academy. After we pulled her out we really didn't want all that work she did to be put to waste. She had worked for three months on the CHristmas program and thought she deserved to finish it. After lots of beging and pleading the principle finally agreed. So this week is her recital so she is been at the school 3 hrs today and tomorrow the same thing so school is a little slow. We did manage to do a handwriting sheet and math worksheets. We also made a nativity since we are talking about the nativity.

It has been a wierd day, but the kids feel they have accomplished something.

Neleh has been strugling with the more than less than signs, but I am confident she will get it later.

Alyssa came home from dance class today. It was exciting. One of the books was the Handwriting book I was going to buy. It is exciting to have it to suppliment with the starwright when i want to. Most of the other stuff wasnt worth much, but i will either sell it or pick through it and find something.

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