Monday, December 29, 2008

I can't believe it is.... almost 2009

SO, I have been planning the kids lessons for January. I was going to be using the Prarie Primer, but I got taken and it never arrived. So... I am planning it myself. We are going to be learning about snakes and habitates and even talking about.... "ALL about me" It is going to be so exciting. I happen to LOVE the Family Fun magaize and in the December/January issue it told of a place about 3 hrs from here that has some of the rarest snakes in the world. Neleh absolutly LOVES snakes so we decided it would be fun to learn about all these and then take them down there for a trip some time before summer. All about me I figured would help them learn just who they are and what they like. We will be talking about our bodies, our families (including our family tree), our interests (we will be trying different activities (gymnastics, art, dance, martial arts ect)

In math we will be continuing on math mamouth. Alyssa has already finished chapter one and gone on to chapter 2. Neleh is still working on chapter one but i am so proud of how well she is doing. She is just like me though. She gets upset and impatient so some times it takes her a few days to finish a paper. We are just taking it at her pace.

As for Handwriting we will be writing our penpals. Alyssa and Neleh's cousins Gryphen and Phoenix will be corresponding and learning all about each other. The girls will also be writing a little girl name Lisbeth in Peru. Our family decided to sponser her and we will be learning all about her and her customs, community and country.

We are all so excited to be starting homeschool in January and hope to have a blast learning

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BlessedTimes5 said...

Snakes! EWWWW!! Ha ha ha! I will skip on the information for that one! However since we are doing animals as well I can't wait to see what you do for Habitats etc! I am excited to get started next week!!

I have a unit study book "all about me" so let me know if you need any ideas or help!

I am always here for you though it appears you really have it under control!!!